Mysticism 101 – Module Seven

MODULE SEVEN – Lesson One:

An introduction to channelling: A channel is a being who acts as an intermediary between the different levels of consciousness in the universe, or has the ability to connect different levels of subtlety in the universe. This lesson deals extensively with the preparation needed for the channelling process.

MODULE SEVEN – Lesson Two:

Some history of Channelling: Channelling is not a new activity on our planet; it has been here since time immemorial, since Adam and Eve spoke to God. There are various examples sprinkled right throughout our Bible as well as examples of clairvoyance, clairaudience and healing. These are all channelling abilities and are not new but a natural state of the human condition whilst in the body. Learn about the guides and what they can teach you.

MODULE SEVEN – Lesson Three:

The structure of the personality: Let us look at how the personality generally functions, and then we will look at different techniques that will allow you to relax the four-fold body structure so that you can develop the flexibility and receptivity necessary for channelling. Colour cleansing.

MODULE SEVEN – Lesson Four:

Techniques of meditation useful for channelling: Although there are many different schools and methods of meditation, there are some basic principles that still need to be mastered before being able to meditate and channel successfully. How to contact your guide.

MODULE SEVEN – Lesson Five:

What to do next: Now that you have some experience in practicing the relaxation exercises, and in being able to access your guide by one method at least, you are now prepared for the channelling experience and you are now ready to become a vessel or receiver for the energy and wisdom of your guide in a different manner. In this lesson you will learn an old Atlantean method from the Ancient Mystery Schools given by the Masters of Wisdom.

MODULE SEVEN – Lesson Six:

How to build a relationship with your guide: This is similar to establishing any other relationship that you have. All relationships need building and all depend on the time and care you put into them. The difference with channelled relationships is of course, that you are dealing with a discarnate entity, a being that does not have a body, while you, of course, do. How to tell if your channelling is genuine.

MODULE SEVEN – Lesson Seven:

Initiating direct contact with your guide: Because you have spent some time in practice with the technique, you should now be aware of the presence of your guide and possibly feeling the energy connection to your guide through the various energy responses through your body.

MODULE SEVEN – Lesson Eight:

How to remain clear as a channel: There are certain things that you must do that will help you remain clear as a channel and also help you to build a better relationship with your guide.

MODULE SEVEN – Lesson Nine:

What is psychometry? Psychometry means the ability to be able to tune into an object and gain information either about the object or about the person who owned the object by reading the subtle vibrations connected with it.

MODULE SEVEN – Lesson Ten:

Channelling dance, music and art: Many creative people receive channelled information and do not realize the source of their inspiration. Some receive their insights in meditation, others in dreams, and others just hear a voice and write what they hear. Some actually hear the piece of music before they write it.