Mysticism 101 – Module One

MODULE ONE – Lesson One:

Lesson One gives you an outline of the physical aspects of the body and its relationship to the four temperaments and their analogies with the four elements and how they relate to the four faculties ofiStock_000003190754XSmall - Version 2clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. You will learn how the elements influence the body in a positive and negative way. As an example, the fiery element in its negative aspect can promote jealousy, irritability, anger and so on, but in its positive aspect, give you courage, enthusiasm and plenty of energy.

MODULE ONE – Lesson Two:

In Lesson Two, you’ll learn how the emotional body is affected by the interaction of the four elements as they express through the four temperaments and how to discover your personality photo, which will reflect an accurate description of the real you. This will give you an understanding of why you act the way you do. You will also learn to get along better with your family and others, because you will understand why they act the way they do and consequently you will be able to understand and repair your relationship problems

MODULE ONE – Lesson Three:

Lesson Three gives you a deeper look at the importance of understanding your emotions and shows you how to respond to situations instead of reacting to them. You will be able to do this once you understand the effect the elements have on your personality. It also shows you how to get along with anybody in any situation by learning the secret of what makes others tick; your partner, your friends, your workmates, even your boss.

MODULE ONE – Lesson Four:

In Lesson Four you’ll learn to understand the mental body and how it affects the emotional body and ultimately can produce disease in the physical body if the emotions are allowed to run wild. You’ll begin to understand why the sub-conscious mind – sometimes called the inner child – can be the cause of not getting what you want, because you didn’t know that this is where your core beliefs lie hidden. You’ll learn what the Creative Law of the Universe is all about and how to let it operate through you, so you can attract what you need.

MODULE ONE – Lesson Five:

Lesson Five will teach you about the spiritual body. It will help you to understand how the physical body is a projection of this more subtle part. The immortal spirit uses the soul to step the energies down through the subtle realms so it can inhabit a physical body on the earth plane. You will learn that you are much more than just a physical body and how to prepare to connect at the deeper levels that reside within you.

MODULE ONE – Lesson Six:

In Lesson Six you’ll learn how to overcome negative thinking and take the steps to real understanding of emotions and how to overcome their negative effects. Emotions are something you do; not something that happens to you. You’ll learn the metaphysical meaning of emotions; a real eye-opener.

MODULE ONE – Lesson Seven:

In Lesson Seven you’ll learn how to prepare for the forgiveness process and there is an excellent meditation exercise on how to relax and take control of your body. When you practice this exercise, the further exercises follow on quite naturally.

MODULE ONE – Lesson Eight:

In Lesson Eight you’ll learn to be present with all of your consciousness in the present moment. This will train your mind and help you to master your destiny. That which is termed the “observer principle” will now be capable of operation and you will be able to observe your own thoughts and feelings and see what beliefs and actions are affecting your life. This is a step on the path to self-mastery.

MODULE ONE – Lesson Nine:

In Lesson Nine you’ll learn the technique for overcoming fear and why most people are afraid of rejection or disapproval. Don’t allow fear or rejection to be constant companions on your journey through the earth plane phase of your existence. This lesson contains a unique meditation that is spiritually uplifting and nourishing to your soul or your emotional body.

MODULE ONE – Lesson Ten:

In Lesson Ten you’ll touch on how the healing process works; it is best described as a process of adjustment and the restoration of the natural balance of energies throughout the fourfold process of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Here, the connection to the Higher Self is imperative and a gentle meditation gives an easy relaxation method to become aware of your limitless potential.

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