Mysticism 101 – Module Four

MODULE FOUR – Lesson One:

Mysticism 101 - module fourA scientific method of healing – Learn how to make good contact: A lot of the people who come to see you will have tried the medical profession and maybe have found that the problems persist in spite of the best medical efforts to correct them. This course is all about using your own God given power – the Creative Healing Power – to assist yourself (or another) to trigger the healing response that lies naturally in your own (or their own) body.

MODULE FOUR – Lesson Two:

An awareness of the three minds: Some students are concerned that they might not be able to remain focused enough to allow the healing to proceed without interruption; learn how to clean up the art gallery of your mind. Are you hanging up positive or negative pictures?

MODULE FOUR – Lesson Three:

How to interpret the symbology: Once you feel confident contacting the inner mind of the person or family member you are working with, you may also notice that the person’s subtle structure will show you various other imbalances that are of concern.

MODULE FOUR – Lesson Four:

The mystery of the number seven: Learn the meaning behind the belief in the power of such a number to assist those enquiring minds who have searched long and hard to find it. Learn about the seven Medi-rays and other analogies.

MODULE FOUR – Lesson Five:

Learn how to release the Creative Healing Power consciously: Some amazing healings are possible when you connect to the Source and let it channel through you. You will learn some of these techniques in this lesson. Easy, because you are using your own power.

MODULE FOUR – Lesson Six:

What is Medi-numb? The Hindu sages state that there is no magic that is supernatural. The supernatural belongs to the superstitious, while real magic is supernormal but functions always in complete accordance with Universal Law. How to use Medi-numb. Amazing pictures that demonstrate this power by Hindu Fakirs.

MODULE FOUR – Lesson Seven:

Learn the power of the vital life force: One of the most important aspects of universal functioning is rhythm. Rhythm is a necessary characteristic of all motion. All motion alternates, be it the motion of planets in their orbits, or ethereal corpuscles in their undulations. Some deep soul-searching is needed here before the application of the techniques can be applied. The powers of the mind are also instrumental in determining whether the effects of the techniques you will learn happen rapidly or more slowly.

MODULE FOUR – Lesson Eight:

Learn how to use the Medi-rays: Generally speaking, different people respond to different methods of healing, and this is why, in this course, you will find many different techniques. Do not underestimate the power of the spoken word; many have been hung by the tongue.

MODULE FOUR – Lesson Nine:

How the mind can cause bad habits through repetition: In the emotional/mental body are the twinned forces, the twinned energies, the energies that emanate from each of the two paths. This lesson is about the correction of bad habits.

MODULE FOUR – Lesson Ten:

Learn about the fourfold system in relation to healing: Most healers are unaware of the fact that people heal themselves. More correctly, the healing occurs through the connection with the patient’s Higher Self or through the activity of the inner mind. Learn about Medi-Pic and Medi-Map and other healing methods. All methods are easy to apply.

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