Mysticism 101 – Module Five

MODULE FIVE – Lesson One:

Mysticism 101 module five

Learn how to use the dispensary of the mind: If you are an incipient healer you may well find that you have better success with people you have never seen than with those close to you. Gradually, as you become more experienced, this will, of course, change as you develop your skills. The dispensary is one of the most interesting, but effective methods of healing you could ever learn. Lots of examples to help you get used to the method.

MODULE FIVE – Lesson Two:

Learn to use the Creative Healing Power for pain relief: As you practice your skills with the healing power, you will find that you will grow in knowledge and wisdom and that you will be able to use the more advanced techniques that will be given to you.

MODULE FIVE – Lesson Three:

Learn to use the Creative Healing Power for skin problems: This lesson explains the use of a healing program as it is used in the treatment of skin problems of all kinds.

MODULE FIVE – Lesson Four:

Learn to use the Creative Healing Power for headache relief: The most common form of headache relates to tension, stress, fatigue, dehydration, overeating or undereating or excessive use of alcohol. A must read for all practitioners.

MODULE FIVE – Lesson Five:

Learn about spiritual treatment for internal growths: Always do what you can to help regardless of any negative prognosis. “Mind is the builder, but mind can also be the destroyer. Mind is a two edged sword.” Keeping a positive outlook can often defeat the problem.

MODULE FIVE – Lesson Six:

Learn about spiritual treatment for respiratory problems: Too many people these days are suffering from respiratory ailments; whether that be the common cold, influenza, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema or other more serious conditions of the lungs and breathing apparatus. Learn how to help.

MODULE FIVE – Lesson Seven:

Learn about spiritual treatment for liver and gallbladder problems: As with any other healing, a change in consciousness is necessary to bring about the result.

MODULE FIVE – Lesson Eight:

Learn about spiritual treatment for kidney, bladder and reproductive problems: Since hardly anyone gets good nutritional balance in their diet or drinks enough to properly flush the body of toxins or waste matter, the kidneys, bowels and the organs associated with them have a heavy work load put on them. These spiritual healing methods can be very beneficial.

MODULE FIVE – Lesson Nine:

Learn about spiritual treatment for stomach and bowel: There are various reasons why people suffer from some of these problems. There could be an underlying cause appearing as an outer manifestation such as appendicitis, diverticulitis, ulcers, dyspepsia, or even something more serious.

MODULE FIVE – Lesson Ten:

Learn about spiritual treatment for ear, nose and throat problems: There may be an allergy to something in the house or something growing in the back yard, or even an allergy to pet hair. The attitude to the problem also has a bearing on this as well.

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