Mysticism 101 – Module Eight

mysticism 101 module eightMODULE EIGHT – Lesson One:

Channelling – the evolution of consciousness: Once you have learned to deeply relax and be in complete control of your body and your mind, you have the ability to transcend ordinary thinking and access not only the deeper recesses of your own mind but also the higher levels of consciousness that are not easily penetrated.

MODULE EIGHT – Lesson Two:

Channelling – guided visualization – your guides and angels: The effect of the environment on a highly spiritual person can be not only profound but also inwardly traumatic. In earlier times, such perception was mostly achieved through fasting, asceticism and constant prayer.

MODULE EIGHT – Lesson Three:

Channelling – symbols and past lives: If you have a fear that your past lives were too traumatic and you don’t want the memories of the occasions to surface, remember that if your guides don’t think it best for you to know, they won’t let the information surface, but will work with you in the current time frame and assist you to overcome any energy congestion.

MODULE EIGHT – Lesson Four:

Channelling – Sensory clairvoyance: Ask your angels and guides to reveal themselves and ask for their help to show you they are there. TRUST – don’t let your analytical brain get in the way. Trust yourself that this process works and trust yourself to receive the awareness and intuitive insights that are available to all who seek them.

MODULE EIGHT – Lesson Five:

Channelling – how to remember your dreams, mental wandering or astral travelling: Sometimes it is difficult for your guides to passage the information they have for you in a reading because of various reasons. You may have entered your altered state to ascertain certain information in a thematic format and finish too quickly before they have a chance to offer different information. Or you might not have channelled for a little while and you are not being perceptive because of outside influences and so on.

MODULE EIGHT – Lesson Six:

Channelling – Channelled writing: Channelled writing allows you to receive clarification on questions that you might put forward to your guide or guardian angel e.g. for direction on a certain aspect that might be troubling you, for information about your relationship, for information about a past life that may have a bearing on a health issue in the present time, for information on the whereabouts of lost objects, or for general inspiration and new ideas.

MODULE EIGHT – Lesson Seven:

Channelling angels and other beings: Many students believe that angels are the result of mixed belief systems that include Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian, and Persian myths. Through further research we find that belief in angelic hosts and spirits is far older than any of the religions practiced today, which supports the idea that they aren’t tied to what humans want them to be, but often take the form that humans recognize.

MODULE EIGHT – Lesson Eight:

Channelling angels and other beings: When you wish to communicate with angels, there are many beings who would be waiting to respond to your call because it is their specific function to do so; so you need to know some of the classifications and what they stand for. These beings especially like to work with humans who have chosen to be of service to the Source and subsequently of service to humanity.

MODULE EIGHT – Lesson Nine:

Channelling – Make sure that you really want to communicate with angelic beings: If you are holding any doubt about your ability to communicate, then you won’t allow it to happen and the angels will not force any communication upon you until you make the first move to let them know that you are ready.

MODULE EIGHT – Lesson Ten:

Channelling angels and other beings: Before we begin a description of the various angelic orders, this lesson lists the various ways to communicate with them.

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