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Mysticism 101

iStock_000003190754XSmall - Version 2The lessons and assignments inside this home study course reveal ancient secrets, teaching you how to unlock your true potential step-by-step. You will learn the secrets of the masters from the beginning steps right through to some advanced meditational practices. This information is evergreen; it has been on the planet since its inception in one form or another as we have seen by the ancient Sumerian teachings, through to the Egyptian and then the Kabbalistic Teachings of the Major religions, and it is still relevant today—we introduce you to hidden knowledge and help you to embrace ancient teachings to enable you to master the transition into mind consciousness that is now occurring as we move through the Earth changes.

Whether you are a spiritual teacher or mystic the information in this study course will enrich your own metaphysical path and teachings.

MODULE 1:   Deals with the physical body and its association with the elemental principles.
MODULE 2:   Deals with the finer qualities of the elemental principles and how they relate to the emotional body.
MODULE 3:    Touches on your life purpose and how to utilize your mental qualities.
MODULE 4:   Covers the science behind healing, some of the Medi-Pic and Medi-Map techniques as well as symbology.
MODULE 5:   Gives new Information about the Creative Healing Power to assist any physical problem.

MODULE 6: Touches on healing colours and the channeling process.

MODULE 7: Embraces a more in-depth study of the channeling process and guides.

MODULE 8: Shows you how to have a deeper connection to your guides and angelic presences and the awakening of other faculties.

MODULE 9: Introduces the various levels of the angelic host and prepares you to ascend the sacred mountain.

MODULE 10: Gives the practical ascent to the Sacred Mountain; the inner journey to the Source.

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