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A newsletter on the intricate points of life that are a concern to people living in today’s world. The newsletters contain articles dealing more with the emotional arena of life but with a metaphysical bent touching on subjects as mysticism, creative visualization, healing, mind power, spiritual growth and meditation.

Do you know all the answers to life’s questions?

WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD? Do your friends and acquaintances gather around you with questions that you can’t answer? Do you understand the mysterious presence that sometimes wells up from deep inside and provides you with the answer? Is there something like a psychic bridge that you cross involuntarily? How can you get the answers you need all the time?

Many people of today are hearing the whisperings of the still, small voice from within but most simply dismiss it as imagination. Have you experienced that certain impelling impression that suddenly flashes into the conscious mind when needed then blamed yourself later for not taking notice of it? The intuition is a source of untapped knowledge that lies buried in the sub-conscious mind, just waiting to guide you and show you the best direction to take to make your life as enjoyable as possible. It is a tremendous source of inspiration and creative ideas that has been given to you to make your journey through the earth plane a full and rich experience.

From: the desk of Lyn Asmar

Dear Friend,
These Inner Perception Newsletters are being prepared to assist you in your every day living and in your interaction with others. Open your mind to a world of profound thought – the difference between what you are told to believe and what actually is. The small life lessons in these newsletters are easy to read and comprehend and ofttimes will assist you in dealing with similar problems that you may be encountering in your own life.

Intolerance has been the cause of many human tears and pain and in some cases has even escalated into war. We all try to avoid the intolerant person who appears bigoted and hypocritical. We see this in the work situation where an intolerant boss makes it all but impossible to enjoy our work. Even on the streets we have road rage, in the supermarket people push and shove to get what they want first. We only have to look back in time to see that intolerance has always been in the human condition to one degree or another. The persecutions, trials and inquisitions of the past are the result of the intolerance of bigots. However there is an underlying cause of intolerance and this usually stems from fear, prejudice, and selfishness. There is such a great need for more tolerance on our planet. If this were to be realized, we would then see freedom from bigotry, the acceptance of others’ beliefs, practices or habits, and the disappearance between one coloured race and another.

Tolerant people are compassionate, patient with the weaknesses of others, generous with their time and money, and endeavour to cultivate good will with all those with whom they come in contact. Do you respect the rights and actions of others? Do you hold an attitude of leniency in reference to the opinions, views and convictions of others? Even if you don’t agree with such views or opinions, are you discreet and diplomatic in dealing with difficult people? Do you practice the principles of forgiveness and understanding? If you do you will find that life has many blessings and you will begin to smell the roses instead of being scratched by the thorns.

These Newsletters contain information relating to the solving of life lessons in everyday living. You can download the newsletter here!

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