Esoteric Meditation Magazine

CovereM14JulA lot of people find pleasure in hoarding wealth. Some misguided individuals derived a fiendish delight in suppressing knowledge, seizing old manuscripts and scrolls to keep the secrets from the masses. Some of this information has been found, and partially released in the past, but now FOR THE FIRST TIME, at last we are able to release most of this vital information that has been kept hidden, gradually forgotten, and lost until recently channeled through to bring the ancient wisdom back to assist humankind in taking its next evolutionary step.

You too can now access these guarded secrets that are only available on the NewsStand on Apple’s iPad.

ESOTERIC MEDITATION is a monthly digital magazine that gives insights into the vicissitudes of life from a profound metaphysical viewpoint. If you are searching for the deeper meaning of life, or more advanced esoteric topics not generally given to the public, such as ancient wisdom that was taught in the Mystery Schools of old, you will find it here. Each issue contains information, which can be used every day to bring balance and harmony into your life, and give you a peaceful and more joyous appreciation of what life is really all about.