Esoteric Meditation January

eM Issue 4In our January Issue of Esoteric Meditation, you will discover much about the mystical side of life as this particular issue is focussed on this area. Humanity is at long last beginning to awaken and students of modern mysticism rarely appreciate the real value of metaphysical training until they have made practical application of certain cosmic laws and principles. Not so many years have passed since mysticism was only known as a form of mysterious hidden teachings, passed over by most of humanity, more than offering any real help in the material world. There are still many people today who hold the same view regarding the knowledge that lies within the field of mystical comprehension.

It serves no purpose to develop the practical, material side of life to the exclusion of the spiritual or mystical side of life. Both sides should be developed equally to be of any  real benefit. There are always some people who wonder if others have some secret method, unusual knowledge or some secret key or code that they use for success and prosperity. Your success or failure really depends on what type of thoughts you hold in your mind. All thoughts and feelings are like boomerangs. At some point in time they rebound upon the sender, sometimes with devastating results. However positive thoughts bring abundant blessings.

The allegorical, veiled and symbolic principles of mysticism, if applied in the correct manner through the correct method of thinking, can definitely be applied to practical needs. In all the scriptures of the world, there are allegories and metaphysical symbols just waiting to be explored. If you take the time to investigate, you will discover laws and principles that can be used in the daily affairs of your life.

Unfortunately, due to other work committments and a heavy work load, we are no longer producing the monthly digital magazine.