Enter the Silence

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 12.14.04 pmThe most sacred energies that we know are contained within the Holy Silence that we are calling Atava.  When you enter the silence, you will have an inner knowing that it is composed of the vibrations of Universal Light. As you become sensitive to the Light vibrations, you may become aware of its living presence.

The essence of the Silence is to be sought in the power of the Light in the form of unconditional Love. And pulsing deep within the Light is the essence of the Source of All That Is.

Take a couple of deep breaths: in through the nose, sighing the breath out through the mouth…Pause. Quietly summon the silence around you, and then enter the silence Feel it surround you like a soft velvety presence, so that you no longer can distinguish up or down or sideways. There is just a feeling of being. Enter the silence and jus rest in this energy and after a while, you will feel attuned to a presence of a very fine vibration interpenetrating your body. Try to be still within and without knowing that the Source has entered your being to assist and inspire you…Pause 5 min.

This is the first part of the exercise. We are now going to personalise the meditation, to bring it down into a more human concept. Since it is easier to communicate with images that most resemble us, I am going to ask you to develop a personal idea of a loving intelligence that we normally call the higher self that is always ready and waiting to assist you when you learn to attune and listen. This can in many ways hasten the healing of the body, soul and the mind.

This aspect of yourself has put down a drop of itself in you, but remains in the higher levels of consciousness, It is important that you allow an image to build in your mind’s eye and attempt to feel the reality of that individualised presence in front of you. Know that it is connected to you by a ray of Light, a stream of energy that flows into every cell in your body.

Ask the presence in front of you to fill you with as much love and light as your body is capable of withstanding at this point in time. See the tiny lines of light reaching out to connect with every cell in your physical body. Try to sense your closeness to the Source of your own being, the more profoundly you can visualise this experience and connection, the greater will be the healing…hold the visualisation for a minute or so until you can feel the energy coming into your body like soft tingles. This is the higher self awakening your cellular memory;  then just relax and enjoy the experience…as you enter the silence of your own soul.