eM – July Edition

eM July13The July edition of eM is available now on the App Store.

ESOTERIC MEDITATION is a monthly digital magazine that gives insights into the vicissitudes of life from a profound metaphysical viewpoint. If you are searching for the deeper meaning of life, or more advanced esoteric topics not generally given to the public such as ancient wisdom that was taught in the Mystery Schools of old you will find it here.

History relates many instances of people being influenced by dreams, hunches, or indefinite urges. How often hunches obeyed have prevented tragedies, no one knows, because the human tendency is to forget. Nor does anyone know how many hunches disobeyed have led to disastrous consequences, because there may have been no one left to tell the story. One man obeyed his hunch and may have averted a terrible disaster one spring morning, when he and his family were living on a farm in South West Queensland with the nearest neighbour miles away. Read his story in the Intuitive Self in this issue.

Explore your Search for Happiness is a great article that will disscuss how happiness, defined by some as gratification of the body, is a driving force of humanity. You will also find the next part of The Knight in You a progressive story and a great video meditation training session on the Transmission of Light!

This Issue is a mystical exploration of the soul and your mystical self.

We are also looking for contributers so if you would like to write an article please submit your work for approval with our editor at lyn@channeledmeditation.com

Unfortunately, due to our busy work load, we are no longer producing the monthly digital magazine.