A selection of unique eBooks from our library.

These eBooks are a range of unquie Mystery School Teachings that share ancient wisdom about meditation, psychic development, and mystical philosophy.


How to become psychic – $20.00au

This eBook contains information about the psyche and the psychic abilities that begin to become operative as a personality begins to transform into a soul personality. Some exercises are given to assist this process, including information about the Tarot Cards, Zenner Cards, Angel Cards, How to dowse with a pendulum, Astrology, Tea Cup symbology (Tasseography) Crystals. Exercises are also given about the Human Energy Field or the Aura and exercises pertaining to seeing Past Lives. Some illustrations are also given to assist with clarity of understanding.

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Reincarnation – $21.00au

This eBook contains fascinating information on such teasing questions as: What is it that incarnates – the soul or the personality? Does the soul have the ability for simultaneous projections? How does humanity evolve? It explains how personality develops to become a soul incarnate. It discusses the case of Bridey Murphy and looks at other experiences as well as earthbound souls. There is information on RNA/DNA. Also included is a channelling excerpt for the Sirian Source as well as “Sayings of the Master.”

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Introduction to the Ancient Wisdom – $45.00au

This eBook contains an explanation of the Mystery School teachings and covers a diverse range of subjects including ancient philosophy, the emotional body and reincarnation, states of matter in the outer bodies, the emotional origins of sickness, the evolvement of the Energy Parent, the inviolate channel between the Energy Parent and its human child, the changing form of mankind, the ancient wisdom, colour, symbolism, the male and female principles, time, function, obedience, the stillness, and much more.

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