What is a Disciple?

The only difference between a disciple or metaphysician and the person in the street is that the metaphysician has become aware of his relationship to his Higher Self or Soul and refuses to let the stress of daily living shut him off from the source of his being. To be constantly aware of this relationship requires devotion to his Soul, as well as the guidance of his teachers, both internal and external, as well as circumstances pointing in a spiritual direction.

Looking at the outer circumstances of life on earth, it appears to be a history of the fight for dominance between the positive and negative poles. We see construction, destruction, power struggles, and peaceful resolutions. On the surface, it appears to go nowhere; it is like observing a movie containing a series of fortunate or unfortunate events that may benefit culture or may equally destroy it according to the writer’s whim. So, who is the writer of the history of humanity? The ones who win the wars.

There is another history, however, which has to do with life on earth in an inner sense. There is not the evidence of duality here; there is no construction and destruction as in the outer sense but rather the spiraling of man’s inner powers toward balance and harmony.

The outer history is concerned with time and the inner with dimensions outside of time. Outer history is full of past and future, of anticipations, anxieties, and remorse over failure. There appears to be no rest; only the stresses and anxieties of a flurry of activity in time. There is also death.

The inner account begins outside of time. Every “moment” touches the Soul. There is no rush toward a Utopia of the future, for Utopia may be experienced now outside the restrictions of time. It can be experienced through attunement when the body and physical consciousness move into an altered state of consciousness. There need be no awareness of time at all as one begins to exist in the eternal now.

Simply utilizing mental realization of the inner history with its experience outside of time is not enough to bring peace of mind in this hectic world; it requires the development of consciousness in a different way. Many experience such states randomly, but they only seem to occur in flashes and at rare moments because of the imbalances at the deeper levels of the individual. Another reason is that nothing permanent has been established through spiritual discipline.

Before permanent results can be achieved many things are necessary. They fall into three general categories:

1) The need to improve the physical body through diet and exercise, so that the body becomes elastic.

2) The need to become emotionally balanced, so that peace and harmony are dominant in the life instead of stress and anxiety.

3) The need of a precise method of spiritual practice through mental discipline, so that the higher frequencies will be more easily tolerated.

Improvement in the physical body is the first requirement, for the body forms the basis of acquiring inner growth. The body must be capable of attaining a state of rest so as not to interfere with the inner psychological activity; thus, the need for good dietary habits and good exercise programs. A nervous half-starved organism, depleted of essential nutrients, through fanatical programs cannot learn to concentrate or to meditate correctly. Posture is also important, for physical control is a part of the technique of centering. Even walking every day is an excellent exercise for the body.

An emotionally balanced consciousness is the second requirement, for nothing destroys the possibility of attunement like faulty emotional functioning. Meeting this necessity may be more difficult than the first, for our society condones the use of destructive emotional forms. War and racial hatred seems the norm these days as a means of media entertainment. No one realizes how detrimental to the delicate subtle fabric of the inner being this actually is. It is emotional contamination of the worst kind.

Of course, it is possible to live with all this, but it requires a constant “guarding of the mind” so that one does not fall prey to the negativity. People with a wealth of spiritual knowledge are often unable to use it practically because they are wrongly involved emotionally with the affairs that affect their lives. Constant practice and an intense desire to be free are necessary to become emotionally harmonious and balanced.

Intelligence is somewhat better understood as a part of the consciousness than the emotions. At this time on the planet, we have mass education and for good or ill everyone has come to believe in it. In itself, though, education is little more than a collection of facts that may be useful in earning a living but not in mastering the spiritual life. It is with the latter that the metaphysician is most concerned.

The chief use of intelligence is not so much in becoming learned as in being able to direct and integrate the different aspects of one’s being. Only when the emotions and intellect work together can advances be made in the inner life. It is possible to know a thing without having feeling for it. This is one of the unfortunate aspects of our scientific world: By persistent overuse of the analytical method, most have lost the power of intuition.

Of course, logic and the analytical method are indispensable to our three dimensional world, it is true, but if we are really to connect with the soul qualities and move into the higher frequency band, we must become silent and listen to the voiceless voice of the Soul. The intellect must be quiet in order that the bright power of the Soul may begin to shine through us.

How can one know the extent to which his life is being directed by the soul qualities he is attempting to use? The answer to such a question depends upon personal and inner capabilities as well as upon the needs faced by the self in certain circumstances. A look at the lives of many illumined individuals shows that they lived in very unusual and difficult outward circumstances and were sometimes put to death or persecuted for their beliefs. To such people the art of metaphysics owes its existence. Not many of us will be placed in similar conditions or attain similar stature. There may come the realization that how well one attunes with the Soul, the Inner Master or Higher Self has an important bearing upon his daily affairs. This is an important stage in development. From this time on, the mere acquisition of facts, the reading of books, and the hearing of opinions, lose their primary status and become only a means to further the constant practice of attunement with the deeper parts of the self.

One of the most important rewards is the improvement in focusing or the ability to concentrate. This not only makes the application of metaphysical disciplines progressively easier but also gives an increased understanding to everything in life.

In the beginning, it was said that the historical life, relating to construction and destruction, and the inner life, relating to peace, harmony and balance, lie poles apart. This approach to life must become integrated and organic, the higher must be related to the lower in such a way that the former actually transforms the latter. Nothing can do this so well for modern man as true spiritual discipline found in metaphysical practices.

However, man himself will only recognize the need for this application when he reaches an advanced stage of development. First, the individual must leave himself and return to himself transformed. He must train himself to ‘Integrate his personal consciousness with the Divine Consciousness of his Soul’ to the degree that the personality is completely changed. This means the opportunity for expanded consciousness and awareness; a giving up of the lesser for the greater—and this is when he begins to operate as a world server—a true disciple.