Control Conceit

canstockphoto10511786How does one control conceit? One good cure for ridding the self of unwanted egotism and conceit is to remember that there is no true thought outside of the Logos, or Cosmic Mind. All pure thinking is gleaned from this great storehouse of the Cosmic Mind through a realm called the World of Ideas.

Everything was complete when the planet first came into being. Nothing was added later. This world was always there just waiting for those who were resonant with its potential to tap into it. So the thoughts that are grasped are then translated by the personality who is resonant with a particular train of thought at the time. That train of thought is then translated by the personality receiving the thought and fashioned into an idea or ideas understood by that individual. If he is a gross and animalistic sort of person, then that one would only be able to tap into the lower stratum of the realm, and the translation would be a negative one, and fashioned by his own brain centres.

As action naturally follows thought, then the action is more often than not a negative one. But those thoughts seeping into the brain centres (mind) of a personality who is consciously striving upwards on the ladder of human evolution, will be translated according to the progress of the personality, and the level of the realm he is able to tap into. The more spiritually mature the individual, the purer becomes the translation.

All the great truths of the ages have been given for the benefit of mankind through personalities whose close attunement with the Cosmic Mind permitted clear translations. It might be pointed out too, that as the personality rids itself of negativity and old beliefs and outworn thought forms, then so too does that one attract to itself, the deeper thoughts of the Cosmic Mind. No new fundamental thoughts are created for the benefit of humankind, since there are no new ones. It depends entirely how the personality is able to purify itself enough to tap into the higher frequencies of the Cosmic Mind in the World of Ideas.

So your task is to translate what you grasp, in as pure a state as is possible for you, into the language with which you are familiar, so that it may be more readily understood not only by yourself, but by those with whom you come in contact. The purer your mind, the purer the thoughts you will attract into your brain centres. It is possible at times to translate without distortion of the truth. We cannot comprehend absolute truth. Truth is relative to each person and their level of development. For example, witness a mother conveying to a small child what is right and what is wrong. In essence, she is translating the rules of society, but in a simple language so that the child understands and acts upon the translation, with the fragment of the one mind now utilized as his own. Can the mother experience conceit or egotism over the preceding translation? Hardly. She has only served in her duty of helping the child learn as painlessly as possible what must be learned for its own happiness and welfare.

So, too, it must be remembered that there is no room for conceit or egotism in a seemingly pure translation of those things of the Cosmic Mind we are privileged to know. There is only a broad impersonality to be strived for, as our ideas had prior existence in a higher realm. We are merely a cooperative instrument, a living tape recorder, possessing awareness, of an aspect of the ideas from the World of ideas until such time as each individual himself becomes aware of the universal truths flowing all about him, and through him as a part of his very being. To feel, or display, conceit because we have served the Divine Mind is to act negatively upon the most positive of powers, that phase of Divine Mind implanted within each of us which ever seeks the Source whence it came.

Just because one tapped into an idea first, doesn’t give him the right to claim ownership of the idea, as has been proven many times before in instances where, for example, a scientist in one country became aware of a seemingly “new idea” at the same time as another in another country tapped into the same frequency and brought that same idea in into conscious awareness. So it is good to control conceit and egotism so humanity can benefit from those who are able to tap into the World of Ideas and bring forth fresh knowledge.