Mysticism 101- Our Home Study Course

Mysticism 101

Canstock photos combinedIf these subjects interest you, why not send today for an outline of Module One of “MYSTICISM 101” the amazing Home Study course that will give you insights into the mysteries of life from a thought provoking philosophical and channelled viewpoint?  The course will be available online in the near future. Many have stated that while reading the literature, their mind became attuned to the Infinite wisdom and during the interlude, intuitive knowledge and great inspiration was given about their life’s purpose. The Ancient Wisdom called this Cosmic Consciousness or the merging of the mind with the Universal Intelligence or the Creative Source. Most experiences are related to the objective senses, others come through dreams or inspiration, but the one that transcends them all is the mystical experience of Cosmic Consciousness. Mysticism 101 is taught over ten modules and will take you from an awareness of your personality and how it was originally structured to give you the best advantage to fulfill your life’s purpose to finish with the knowledge attainable through the ultimate spiritual climax. There is an assignment at the end of each lesson and while everything is clearly outlined in the course, you may email me for clarification on any point if need be.  At present, the Home Study Course is in the process of being updated with new and exciting information.

The course is progressive in its nature and the details of each module can be found by emailing us for a prospectus. This will offer the current information, but there may be slight changes. 




The Life Changing Meditation Technique




What you are about to become aware of are various Life Changing Meditation Pathways that will enable you to understand and tap into the very fabric of your existence. You will begin to understand how humans containing a spark of the Vital Life Force of the Universe come into incarnate existence. You will then learn how to use this energy to attain profound shifts in consciousness through meditation or how to channel it through one of the many Pathways of Healing and Spiritual Growth. This is ancient wisdom.

canstockphoto9642466Pathways to Self Mastery is a dynamic, powerful and practical form of channelled meditation and as it it passed by attunement, it is taught in a private one-on-one meditation program involving an in-depth spiritual journey that will bring you face to face with yourself as you encounter the many blessings, and sometimes pit-falls along the way as your incarnate personality is prepared to merge not only with your Higher Soul Self, but also with the subtle spiritual levels connected with the Logos. It will help you to release all the unfounded fears that stand in your way even though everything may seem to be in a state of crisis as the very fabric of civilization is unraveling as we approach the end of a great age.

The Universe is living testimony to a mighty Presence of enormous Intelligence that permeates all it has created. In it we live and move and have our being. We are part of it; it is part of us. This theme has echoed down the ages giving hope when all appeared lost. Sometimes distorted or even corrupted, sometimes lost to sight, nevertheless the theme endures to this very day. Pulsating within each of us is a spark of this living, divine energy. It is the same consciousness that also has the power to create something as small as a grain of sand or as large as a distant galaxy.

Have you experienced its whisperings within your being? Does a mysterious intelligence seem to well up from deep inside you at times? Do you know what to do when these events happen to you? Your consciousness has no limits if you let it rise above those circumstances that seem to weigh you down. Inspiration and intuition are not haphazard events but come into play when you draw, at will upon this mighty Presence. Silent and formless, it awaits contact with your mind to enable you to bring your true potential into outer reality. This is a phenomenon natural to all human beings who attune with its energy. There are subtle faculties of the mind just beyond the surface awaiting your positive command; they respond to natural law and benefit all who learn to use them.

The simplicity of the teachings connected with this life changing meditation program, Pathways to Self Mastery, lies in an understanding of energy as it steps itself down, according to the principle of sub-harmonics, through various levels until it reaches physical manifestation. Energy simply IS and the timeless wisdom contained within it always was and always will be; and it will always structure concepts that will be easily understood by those who seek them out, whether that has been, to our way of thinking, far back in history or in our own more modern times.

The College of Esoteric Education offers teachings that give an understanding of the Ancient Wisdom in a more modern format. The teachings are unembellished by the conditioned terminology of other such teachings but embrace an understanding of them all.

Mysticism Modules


canstockphoto7424829Our Distance Learning System—Mysticism 101—contains diverse esoteric information that has been assembled into this one unique educational unit. In fact, you can’t get a system anywhere else like this, that contains this amount of information and practical application. It begins to work immediately you put it into practice, but the practice is so easy, so relaxing and enjoyable, and will transform your life. It is almost like having a personal teacher in your home with you. And even if there is something that you don’t understand, the internet has us practically as neighbours so it is very easy to connect with me.

The lessons and assignments inside this system reveal ancient secrets teaching you how to unlock your true potential step-by-step. You will learn the secrets of the masters from the beginning steps right through to some advanced meditational practices. This information is evergreen; it has been on the planet since its inception in one form or another as we have seen by the ancient Sumerian teachings, through to the Egyptian and then the Kabbalistic Teachings of the Major religions, and it is still relevant today—we introduce you to hidden knowledge and help you to embrace ancient teachings to enable you to master the transition into mind consciousness that is now occuring as we move through the Earth changes.

Whether you are a spiritual teacher or mystic this information will enrich your own metaphysical path and teachings.

MODULE 1: Deals with the physical body and its association with the elemental principles.
MODULE 2: Deals with the finer qualities of the elemental principles and how they relate to the emotional body.
MODULE 3: Touches on your life purpose and how to utilize your mental qualities.
MODULE 4: Covers the science behind healing, some of the Medi-Pic and Medi-Map techniques as well as symbology.
MODULE 5: Gives new Information about the Creative Healing Power to assist any physical problem.
MODULE 6: Touches on healing colours and the channeling process.
MODULE 7: Embraces a more indepth study of the channeling process and guides.
MODULE 8: Shows you how to have a deeper connection to your guides and angelic presences and the awakening of other faculties.
MODULE 9: Introduces the various levels of the angelic host and prepares you to ascend the sacred mountain.
MODULE 10: Gives the practical ascent to the Sacred Mountain; the inner journey to the Source.

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Ancient Mystery School Teachings

MerlinWizardThe teachings known as Pathways to Self Mastery include many branches of wisdom that have been taught previously on the planet in the Ancient Mystery Schools. As part of the knowledge being given once more, the human race must be educated to see the new Merkaba fields and to then learn how to work with them. There are many levels of operation within a Merkaba field and as more knowledge becomes available about this ancient science, and the fields are activated, we will see the human race once more attain perfection.

All experiences in life are registered within our most sacred temple – the human body. How we deal with those experiences is our choice, but if we fail to see our lives and our planet as sacred, if we fail to see our lives as an initiatory process, then we may blame others for our experiences instead of realizing that we are the ones who created the experiences at some level of our being, to assist our own growth. If we are able to align ourselves with this understanding, then we will be able to hold sacred whatever is occurring – even if it is difficult.

The growing into Light, that is, the initiatory process, is essentially strewn not only with blessings, but also sometimes with difficulties and tests because we exist in the interplay between the two polarities of positive and negative, and that is how soul awareness grows. Mastery over a particular level or domain of the self brings mastery to the soul. We are basically working through the emotional, mental and spiritual contents of our own consciousness and this is experienced through the events of our lives, particularly the thoughts and feelings that these events trigger within us. If we are prepared to “live in the eternal now,” then we can begin to move into a different relationship with our experiences.

If we learn to respect our experiences instead of wishing them away, we will begin to see the purpose and meaning of our lives. To help us achieve our purpose whilst here on our beautiful planet, we need to learn to master our own energy. This appears very much so when our emotional reactions are strong or when things appear overwhelming and we are unable to act efficiently. How we respond can create either a heaven or a hell around the particular event.

Until we learn to allow the energies to flow through us, as our various and varied experiences, not pushing them down and forgetting about them, we will not be able to gain the self-mastery we so earnestly desire. Within the human experience, we have a great mystery that is just beginning to unfold. Learning to understand and work with Merkaba fields as taught in the Ancient Mystery Schools, is another one of the steps that will lead us to Self Mastery. Lessons on Merkaba are only taught privately as are all other modalities that come under the umbrella of the mystery school teachings.

Please phone us on (07) 3219 2086 to make an appointment for an obligation free discussion on the practical benefits of the meditation process or email us here if you would like further details.