Woodland Elf Spirit Doll

ElvenSpiritDoll2This little woodland elf spirit doll just like the Elves in Icelandic legends, is an ally to human beings and will act as a gateway to the magical forests through which pathways run that lead human beings to the hidden world. Elvens are the very essence of the magical link that binds our human dimension with the world of the Hulderfolk—the hidden folk of the cold north European lands where legend and myth have merged in a richly woven tapestry to create a magical universe that each of us and the Hulderfolk can wander in and out of at will—respectfully, peacefully and with true meaning.

This Elven Spirit is connected to a scrying moonstone vessel. This is a rather special and quite magical implement since it is connected to a Royal Elven Searcher whose role is to help you scan within the depths of the scryer and seek out the hidden kingdom of the Elven spirits and other magical folk like fairies, pixies, unicorns, dragons and so on who all dwell in the unseen dimensions that surround our world. This royal lady will also bring you wonderful dreams and magical visions that will allow you to come closer to the heart of the Elven kingdom. The name of this royal woodland Elven will be given to the person who wants to work with her.

How to move into an altered state of consciousness and connect with this being will be explained to the person she will work with. This royal scryer uses the doll as a portal to connect with you. An Elven gemstone vessel is also supplied so that you can take her with you when you travel or go about your daily business or simply when you meditate and wish to access the different level of consciousness.

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Spirit Dolls
Spirit Dolls

Our enchanted Spirit Dolls are portals and attract spirits so that they can anchor on to the earth plane and communicate more easily with those they need to; mostly, those who are naturally attracted to metaphysics and magic or those who require specific knowledge.

Some spirits choose to communicate with those on the earth plane to offer knowledge and teachings, and they do so of their own choice and choose to attach themselves to a vessel of some description to communicate through. They possess the ability of remaining in the spiritual realm and in our earthly realm simultaneously. Spirit keeping is not a religious activity and many people are spirit keepers. If you feel spirit keeping would be a complement to your current life path, and if you feel attracted to an enchanted vessel then please consider looking after one of my spirit dolls. When you purchase a spirit doll you are provide with a description of the type of being within your enchanted vessel and how to communicate with the being. It will take time for the spirit to become accustomed to you and its new home so be patient and sit with your enchanted vessel often to help it feel secure with you and your needs. Remember within this vessel is a living enity and a relationship must be built to enable a solid working relationship to exist.

Our enchanted spirit dolls also arrive with some working magical tools such as wands and jewellery which will strengthern your bond with them. Remember to care for them as instructed in your Spirit Dolls documentation.