Words from the Master











Life is sometimes a battlefield,

an arena for the interplay of forces

that without inner peace and harmony,

would be deceived by appetites and passion.


Passions unattended flare out of control

and burn the delicate soul fibres,

even as the passions of nature flare

in the form of lightening  that sometimes

strike and burn the earth.


But without passion,

there would be no understanding,

no reason to strive to attain.

But once bridled and saddled

you can ride the steed of passion

and bring the emotions under control.

Then your words will be

like a fragrant perfume,

and your actions a soothing balm

to those you love.


Love is the law of the universe,

but love was never meant

to bind one to the other.

But to set each one free to fly to

uncharted lands, so that each

can begin to reveal  new vistas

of the self to the other.

Only in this way, will the soul begin

to manifest through the personality,

and will Eros sheath his arrows.


So let your love be an act of worship

of the creative forces flowing through

the temple of the soul.

In this way, your masks will fall away

to reveal true glimpses of the wondrous

beings that you are.

(c) Lyn Asmar