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It’s incredible just how quickly this year seems to have passed. Due to the number of enquiries I’ve had, I’ve decided to present the magazine, Esoteric Meditation, in a new format. Without our readers, of course, it would not make any sense to continue publishing such information as we have in this exclusive magazine. But as you all seem to love the contents—absolutely no fluff—just pure metaphysics—we will continue to put it out there, but with a big difference!

As I do get a lot of emails asking questions about the concepts, I have decided to include a “Letters to the Editor” section where you can ask questions relative to the content of the magazine.  Privacy will be maintained and only your first name or initials will be displayed. However, because of space, I will be limiting the number of questions answered.

The magazine has now been divided into two sections. The first part for Mystics, which will cover the softer side of metaphysics, and the second part for Adepts, which will contain the in-depth esoteric side of metaphysics for those wanting to know the deepest mysteries.

I would suggest that you start at the beginning of the magazine, go through the Mystic section, and read the information contained there. Some articles in the Mystic section may be explained more fully in the advanced Adept section.

CoverSept14eM768x1024I’ve also included a section on crystals, spells, anti-ageing, and questions and answers.

We do hope you enjoy reading this issue of Esoteric Meditation on and behalf of the team here at eM we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Yule Blessings,





Unfortunately, due to other commitments and a heavy work load, we are no longer producing the monthly digital magazine.



Dinner Party

iStock_000006695282XSmallWhy not start a new tradition with your friends, by hosting a dinner party every month, and inviting several of you and your mate’s friends to interact in a way that is different and challenging. Set it up as a rotating dinner party and have the couple hosting for that month, be responsible for the readings or the board games, if you don’t want to do readings.

Set up board games that everyone will enjoy, or if you prefer just do Tarot or Angel readings, astrology readings, or pendulum dowsing for each other afterwards. The couple hosting will do the readings on the particular night. If one partner does not wish to do readings, then let that one be responsible for organizing drinks and supper, or keeping other people, who don’t want a reading, entertained in a different way, maybe by having a quiet discussion on a subject you might wish to explore.

This is an excellent way for getting to know people on a totally different level, to hone your communication skills, and at the same time, develop your intuition. Many a person has discovered that they have a real talent in an area that they never even thought about before. This might take a little organizing, but there are now numerous decks of Angel cards, Tarot cards, and cards for developing the intuition.

Spending time with friends at a dinner party is also a great way to reduce stress. When stress is low, couples get along better. This is a wonderful way to interact with each other’s friends as a couple.


Publishing eBooks Online

We have just started to publish our college publications online and have discovered many great tools to assist in the process. Our latest ebook is on the Kindle platform and we are really impressed with the ease of publishing your ebook. You can put it up directly as word document. The formatting is a little limited when it comes to pictures but the rest is just great. am loving publishing on Kindle you should try it. If you think you would like to publish your own ebooks online you can check out Kindle here.

Our first books up on the Kindle platform are from our How to… $7 Dollar eBooks range and give great information on relaxing and meditation.

How to Relax 

Kindle CoverThis book will describe how stress affects you, then give you various exercises to assist you to relax. Understanding the metaphysical impact of stress and the importance of relaxation will change your life.



How to Heal through Meditation

How to Heal Through Meditation OrangeHealing has always been on the planet, channeling through different people at different periods of time.
In reality, there is only one healing function, but the way people use it is totally different, and depends on the modality being practiced. However, the energy comes from the same source, regardless of the method used.


We are excited to have our eBooks available to you and hope they assist you on your journey to the soul.

Your Own Magazine?

August Magazine

This information I am about to share with you is designed to provide you with an avenue of sharing your knowledge with others; a fantastic and very easy way to do so. When people begin searching for, and wanting information these days, the easiest way to get it, is in some form of digital format that is quick and easy to access.

When people genuinely search for such information, a doorway always opens and a pathway is shown. In these times of turbulence and stress, more and more people a seeking a deeper and more definitive answer to life’s meaning. So if you have the knowledge and the know how in your particular field and want to share that information with others, and assist them on their journey, but don’t quite know how to do it—we may just have the answer you are looking for.

As a student of Ed Dale, I had the opportunity to publish my own magazine through Magcast. So I have put together a great resource for those interested in the deeper forms of meditation, and called the magazine Esoteric Meditation.  It is available on the app Store globally, and I am so excited about my magazine, and now have the opportunity to help others create their own.

If you would like further information, please email us for details.



eM – July Edition

eM July13The July edition of eM is available now on the App Store.

ESOTERIC MEDITATION is a monthly digital magazine that gives insights into the vicissitudes of life from a profound metaphysical viewpoint. If you are searching for the deeper meaning of life, or more advanced esoteric topics not generally given to the public such as ancient wisdom that was taught in the Mystery Schools of old you will find it here.

History relates many instances of people being influenced by dreams, hunches, or indefinite urges. How often hunches obeyed have prevented tragedies, no one knows, because the human tendency is to forget. Nor does anyone know how many hunches disobeyed have led to disastrous consequences, because there may have been no one left to tell the story. One man obeyed his hunch and may have averted a terrible disaster one spring morning, when he and his family were living on a farm in South West Queensland with the nearest neighbour miles away. Read his story in the Intuitive Self in this issue.

Explore your Search for Happiness is a great article that will disscuss how happiness, defined by some as gratification of the body, is a driving force of humanity. You will also find the next part of The Knight in You a progressive story and a great video meditation training session on the Transmission of Light!

This Issue is a mystical exploration of the soul and your mystical self.

We are also looking for contributers so if you would like to write an article please submit your work for approval with our editor at

Unfortunately, due to our busy work load, we are no longer producing the monthly digital magazine.




What is Meditation

What is Meditation?

Meditation is an adventure into the unknown; basic meditation is not doing anything except going beyond the chatter of the conscious mind and initially delighting in the freedom from thought and emotion. When you achieve this, you actually tap into the glue of the universe, which we term love. It is the love that holds the universe together. When you get to this point, you tap into just being. Once you become aware of this state of being, you can remain undisturbed while resting for a period of time or you can remain in this state even while being engaged in other things. This form of meditation teaches you a new way of living; a way of being totally undisturbed even in the centre of chaos. This form of meditation is called being centered. You can be doing other things without losing your feeling of centeredness.

This form of meditation is usually used to allow you to feel calm and relaxed. It gives you the opportunity to release physical and mental stress. You can also learn to watch your thoughts and the emotions they provoke objectively. When you learn to remain in this state, you will begin to enjoy a different state of awareness. This is the most basic form of meditation.

Learn the Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics


Learn the Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics from Lynette Asmar’s unique novel based on metaphysical fact as experienced by the author. 

In spite of Stanley’s frantic efforts to rescue fellow magician’s apprentice John Korner, he remains imprisoned in the fourth dimension by an evil, demented sorcerer who is under the control of demonic forces. Amouki, an earth zone intelligence, assists Stanley as he travels through dark and dangerous realms on his perilous journey. Even so, this journey is taken at tremendous personal cost as he is forced to take spiritual initiation before his time so he can activate his newly awakened abilities at the crucial moment of confrontation with the dark forces.

Will all the hardships connected with reaching a new level of consciousness be worth the tremendous effort required to learn the secrets of magic and metaphysics?

This novel was written in this manner to provide the reader with a more interesting and detailed explanation of the fight between those who walk the Path of Light and the Dark Forces. Much information, previously unpublished, has been included for the benefit of those who wish to know the truth about the well hidden secrets of magic and metaphysics as channelled by the Sirian Command and the Great White Lodge on our planet. It is a tale about a young man who gets sucked through a portal and finds himself imprisoned by a dark lord in the lowlands of the fourth dimension. Is it too late for his fellow apprentice, who must go through various initiations first, to rescue him from the demonic forces who hold him prisoner?

Exercises and further explanations appear in Lyn’s monthly digital magazine, “Esoteric Meditation,” available from the NewsStand on the App Store. This is a magazine for those searching for the deepest secrets of metaphysics.

What is the purpose and benefits of this meditation?


The purpose of this type of meditation as taught by the College, is to assist you in balancing the different functions of your existence, namely, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This then equips you to experience the soul-merge and to begin to express certain abilities in your daily life. Levels beyond the soul-merge expand those capabilities exponentially.


As the meditation is followed as instructed, the quality of life is enhanced through the depth and intensity of the newly awakened senses. Physical health, emotional stability, mental clarity, self-confidence and spiritual awareness are some of the many benefits attested to by students of the path. It will also help you improve your relationships with others, make you more tolerant, and allow you to lead a less stressful life.

What type of Meditation do you teach?

Screen-Shot-2014-01-14-at-10.29.01-pmWHAT TYPE OF MEDITATION DO YOU TEACH?

The channelled meditation program is being taught as a return path back to the Creative Source or the Creator God. It is not a passive form of meditation, it is a development of a state required to travel the meditative path which is quite dynamic in its application. The journey back has the capacity to lead you to self-mastery as faculties are gently awakened as a result of traversing the various inner realms. These meditation pathways are practical and demonstrative in daily life; healing can also be used every day to bring balance and harmony into your life and give you a peaceful and joyous existance.