Beginner’s Yoga

canstockphoto9749666Yoga is a unique way of purifying the soul and the body through the aid of certain body postures and health care rules. Yoga is beneficial for all ages and no matter the condition of your health and age, yoga would always be effective for you to provide you with a better quality of life. With the growing awareness of yoga as the way of dismantling all maladies of physical and mental stress, a considerable number of training institutes have cropped up across the world. You may even learn the technique of mind and body purification on the internet as well. For information on beginner’s yoga, you would get ample information from the internet. You may take the help of the following guidelines while you are about to take up beginner’s Yoga.

Beginner’s Yoga Information

• You must begin your first stage of yoga session by knowing the various requirements of the Yoga. Yoga has become one of the most mainstream methods for celebrities and real-life people alike to improve both physically and mentally. With yoga training, you can build muscle, lose weight, gain flexibility, increase relaxation, and more! And all at a location near you! All you need for yoga are a pair of yoga mats and yoga pants!

Beginner’s Yoga—Online Resources and Programs

Beginner’s yoga, as the name suggests, is part of the ancient art of the orient, specially set aside for the beginners or those who are just being introduced to the science. Yoga is both an art as well as a science. Today, there are practitioners who make available yoga regimes to meet just about any particular requirement.

The Best Yoga DVD for Men

Until Bruce Willis develops a series of “Explosive Yoga” DVD’s, go with whatever looks good, promising you will stick with it at least through one entire practice. This is a promise you will try to keep pushing yourself through one entire practice, because you very quickly will discover that yoga makes football, rugby, and cage fighting look easy.

Easy Yoga Pose Review

Easy yoga pose or the Sukhasana is a basic yoga pose that involves sitting in the standard cross-legged position. This pose is also known as the Swastikasana by the nomenclature followed by the Iyengar School of yoga. The Easy yoga pose is relatively easier to achieve when compared with similar poses like Padmasana and hence is preferred by many people who suffer with physical limitations. You have to know the basic accessories and clothing for performing the yoga. And so you should be aware of the rules of trying out the basic postures of yoga. The postures that you are supposed to learn in the beginner’s Yoga include the various poses performed during the opening of the yoga session, the basic standing poses, salutations, shoulder and hip exercises, the backward and the forward bending, postures of inversions, twists and the ones usually done in the finishing poses.

•Learn the Relaxed Poses of Yoga as well

You will get to know about the relaxed postures that you should be doing when you are relaxing or resting amidst the yoga session. You may try out the relaxed postures like the corpse pose. As a beginner you would find it to be difficult to manage a certain amount of time for performing yoga as you are not in the habit of doing so. But you must learn how to manage time from your busy schedule to carry out yoga on a regular basis as it helps you to get relief from your stressful life effectively. To learn to carry out perfect yoga postures, you must be aware of the interconnection between exercise, breath and meditation. The more you know about the three basic components of yoga the more yoga would be beneficial for you. There are  five basic principles of yoga; the technique of proper relaxation, performing exercises, right ways of breathing, maintaining  proper diet, positive thinking and meditation.

Yoga Supplies

canstockphoto5927427Yoga is practiced by millions of people around the world, and it has helped improve the overall health of countless people. However, yoga is not always easy to do, especially at the beginning. This is because it requires a certain level of suppleness and agility to be able to perform some of the poses. This why looking into various yoga accessories can be of great help. Because of the popularity of yoga, there are many products on the market today, designed to help yoga enthusiasts in their endeavor of accomplishing proper yoga technique.

The Yoga Mat: It doesn’t get more basic than using a proper yoga mat. When performing those asanas or poses, it is important to do it on a soft and comfotable surface. Some people opt for a blanket or carpet. However, there are mats designed specifically for this purpose, and it can make a real difference.

The key in cutting down costs from suppliers, is establishing where you can get the supplies in more quantities at the same price you are getting them now. A good businessman/woman should know all the suppliers in the neighborhood, and strive to develop a relationship with them. From this group of suppliers, you can now identify the best for a long term relationship.

Long Yoga Pants: Get the finest Yoga Pants to fit your needs in Yoga exercises. Yoga mats are designed so that the person does not slip while doing the asanas. It will also have the right combination of firmness and softness. Remember, during yoga practice there is also the possibility of sweating. If sweat falls on the mat it should not lose its traction. Not only that, the mat should have good traction on the floor as well. For all these reasons it is a good idea to get a mat specifically designed for yoga practice.

The Yoga Strap: Another product that makes it on the list of yoga stuff is the yoga strap. A common sight in a beginner’s yoga class is seeing people with their legs outstretched in front of them, trying to touch their toes. A beginner may have difficulty touching their knees, let alone their toes. This is when an accessory such as a yoga strap can be of great help. It is designed to help the person stay in proper alignment and pose while stretching. The strap will be looped around the feet on one end, and the back, at the other end. This way, the hips and backs will not feel the strain as much when trying to do those stretches. It can also be adjusted like a seat belt, as the practitioner becomes more and more limber. Yoga straps are available in different lengths.

Other helpful Yoga Stuff includes clothing: Like other physical activities and sports, yoga also requires proper clothing. Well made yoga clothes should allow the person to breath easily and do the poses unrestricted. Last but not least, getting a bag to carry all the yoga stuff is a good idea as well.

Yoga Mats How Yoga Mats Can Help

canstockphoto18396962As a type of exercise, yoga involves taking up many different postures and positions. These different poses and movements help promote balance, strength, and flexibility. It also provides many health benefits to the practitioner, including the improvement of blood circulation in the body, the regulation of the digestive system, natural alignment and flexibility of the spinal column, prevention of muscle loss and deterioration, weight loss, and more. Yoga can also help you mentally by helping you relax, be calm, and relieve stress. Many people regularly practice yoga for these different reasons. These workouts can range from beginner to intensive. For any type of yoga exercise program, yoga mats are designed to help you practice the different movements and poses that you would perform during your workouts. The various positions that you might have to employ involve standing up, bending over, getting on all fours, balancing on one foot, and more.

Yoga Mat Buying Tips

In general, a yoga practice which has a lot of vinyasa sequences (movement linked with each breath), is easier with a slip-resistant mat. Also, for Bikram, Ashtanga, Power Yoga or other vigorous practices, consider buying a yoga mat with antibacterial properties, because you’ll probably sweat a lot. Yoga Practitioners Must Have A Yoga Mat

Yoga is definitely the best and the healthiest regimen to stay fit as well as healthy, and as a matter of fact it is actually the cheapest way too. And if yoga is so good and important, there is one more thing, which is really important to be taken care of, and that is yoga mat.

Yoga Off the Mat—The Perfection Trap

Some Yoga teachers and practitioners get caught up in the pursuit of perfection. Will perfection help those who know us? The pursuit of perfection is noble, but if we become perfectionists, we will likely drive away those who love or care for us.

Yoga Off the Mat—About Perceived Limitations

It is amazing what a Yoga session can do for personal growth. I am not referring to the physical body, as much as the mindset of the average Yoga practitioner. It is agreed that Hatha Yoga is a great form of physical maintenance, but let’s look at the changes that take place within the mind. These can be difficult to do if you do not have an even surface to perform them on, especially for the different poses that require you to balance for a length of time. Yoga mats can provide this even surface for you. The floor or carpet that you are practicing your yoga on might feel uneven and cause you to wobble. Therefore, you will need this yoga mat to help stabilize your body.

In addition to the regular floor possibly being hard to balance on, especially if your floor is covered with carpet, you might have a hard floor that would make standing on it for long periods of time or getting on all fours (both of which you would have to do for certain poses), really painful. Yoga mats, in addition to being resistant and resilient, are designed to provide cushioning for your body. That way, it will be easier for you to perform these different positions.

There are a wide range of products that you can find in relation to yoga mats. Some provide more cushion than others, if that is what you would prefer. You can also find some made with organic materials, such as natural rubber made from rubber trees. They also come in various lengths, widths, and thickness. This is in order to accommodate the wide range of peoples’ body sizes and preferences. Somebody who is taller would probably need a longer and wider mat than somebody who is shorter. They also come in a variety of colors. Therefore, it should be easy to find a yoga mat that fits your particular needs and preferences.

The Truth about the Devil

The devil is an archetypal figure whose ancestry reaches back into antiquity. It relates to the 16th Hebrew letter, Ayin, and translates as “eye”. It has a relation to the 10th simple Hebrew letter and stands for mirth. It is connected to the twenty sixth path on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life which is called the Renovating or Renewing Intelligence.

The being depicted on the Tarot Card No.15 is Baphomet, the master of demons. It was not until Satan appeared in our Judeo-Christian culture that he began to assume more human characteristics and conduct his wicked activities in ways that humans could more readily understand. The devil’s image has become more humanized during the course of the centuries. The devil is a shadow aspect of ourselves, so we can’t blame some infernal demon for our own satanic underside; this is the truth about the devil.

It is usually through testing and trying out things the wrong way that we learn how to do things the right way. And so it is through the misuse of the body, that we learn the right use of the body or how to be righteous. (Card No. 6, The Lovers, shows the right use. If you ponder these two cards, you will notice the similarities in the positive and negative portrayal of the cards.)

The two beings on this card, “THE DEVIL”, are shown as half human and half animal. The horns, the hooves and the tails signify that they are living entirely in their animal nature. The man is being controlled entirely by his animal or sub-conscious sensations. That means he is under the control of the sensations of his body and that the body is dictating to him instead of him dictating to the body. The body is controlling the mind, and so he returns to an animal state because he is pandering to his sub-conscious appetites. His tail has the red of the Mars vibration indicating the sexual influence from the torch of the devil. This goes to show that when reason takes its cue from external appearances alone, then human consciousness, trapped in illusion and glamour, becomes both bestial and enslaved. The woman’s tail is in the shape of a bunch of grapes indicating that it is the purpose of the subconscious mind to bring to fruition the desires of the conscious mind.

All pain is a consequence of wrongdoing. Pain is not a punishment dealt out by some angry God. It is a consequence of your own acts brought upon by yourself. It comes as an opportunity for you to stop and look at yourself so that you can take a new step in your growth. That new step will probably include effort and self-discipline. So called evil is only the most radical tool of the Spirit, and it will come about when or where change is required, if the person concerned will not change voluntarily. And you can see an example of this in the Tower card.

A knife in itself is not an evil thing, it should be used for spreading bread; but it can also be used to kill someone. It all comes back to you. The devil is undisciplined. But the disciplined body will exalt you. This concept is also revealed in the type of Intelligence assigned to this card, the Renewing Intelligence. That which tempts you to use your body wrongly, opens the door to love and wisdom when you use it correctly. Man brings about his own spiritual evolution by his own efforts.

The letter Ayin means “the eye as an instrument of sight.” As your spiritual evolution proceeds, that is, as you walk the Return Path back to Source, you will shape finer and finer instruments to see with, until at last, you will not need any instrument at all, because you will begin to see without eyes. This is not so strange when you think that in your dreams you see without your physical eyes, and sometimes more vividly than with your physical eyes. To see without eyes means the development of the clairvoyant faculty. What you learn to see, of course, is the Primal Matter, the Prima Materia of the universe; that is, the electro-magnetic fluid of the universe from which all things are made.

To move out of the natural or earthly body into the supernatural body, which is just matter vibrating at a higher frequency, one needs to learn control of the element of earth; that is, one must begin on the lowest level first. The lowest level is the complete expression of the animal instincts, the flesh. This is the only means we have of self-realization at this level. And unless we utilize this expression fully, we will never be able to move out of it. We will be entrapped by its glamour. As long as we misunderstand this earthy elemental principle, we will not be able to use it to build better and better forms. Through the process of civilization, man learns to improve, refine and enlighten himself by transmuting his animal instincts into more creative avenues. The body, the flesh, is man’s means of liberation if he but learns how to control it.

In 1 Peter 3: 1, we read. “Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives.” Here we have a passage which has been much misunderstood, and we can begin to glean its meaning from the two Tarot cards, THE DEVIL and THE LOVERS. In both cards, we see a figure with wings; one a devil, the other an angel. The devil has the two animal-humans in chains (which could quite easily be removed by slipping the chains over their heads if you carefully look at the card.) but they are kept in bondage by their own senses.

In the card, THE LOVERS, the angel is blessing the humans standing below. The conscious mind (symbolized by the man) in the Lovers is not demanding sensation from the sub-conscious mind (symbolized by the woman) but offering itself in service to the superconscious mind (symbolized by the angel.) The subconscious mind is indicating the same position to the conscious mind. (the woman is in subjection to her husband) Here, she is powerful, beautiful and vital instead of helpless and deformed as depicted on THE DEVIL card. And this is exactly how it should be. Words like subconscious, conscious and superconscious were not known in biblical times, so an allegory using the male and female principles was used to illustrate the point.

Let us have a look at the symbolical meaning of this card. Here we have a creature similar to the Goat of Mendes the mythical creature created by Eliphas Levi to represent the great magical agent or astral light. The Goat of Mendes is identical to Baphomet, the mystic pantheos of the disciples of ceremonial black magic. It is said that Baphomet exists as the master of the demons. The bat wings are symbolical of the bat that flies at night; a time when man and his rational mind are asleep. This is the time that humans lie unprotected and open to all kinds of suggestions. The horns are those of a goat symbolizing the sign of Capricorn. The head has donkey ears, perhaps suggesting that humans will not listen to the voice of the higher forces but are still stubbornly entrenched in their own animal pleasures. Unfortunately most will choose gratification of the senses over the beginnings of spiritual awakening. The human part of the body is coarse and thickset suggesting that sin is always the absence of grace and beauty. The hand that is raised suggests that he is blessing their desire for physical sensation. The thighs are those of an animal indicating that it is the gratification of the animal desires that drives the two animal-humans forward. Between the thighs in the sexual centre is a serpent uncoiling, symbolizing the sex force. Instead of feet at the end of the legs, we see eagles claws. The eagle is the symbol of the upraised sex force, but as this is all there is of the eagle, it suggests sex used entirely for sensual pleasure.

Over the head of the devil is an inverted pentagram. The pentagram right way up symbolizes perfected man, the two lower points are the subconscious mind and the conscious mind working under the direction of the upper point, the superconscious mind. When the pentagram is inverted, it shows that the subconscious mind is in control; it shows man (Adam) falling into materiality, not as a punishment, as most presume, but as a means of learning the lessons of the flesh, in physical incarnation The man below the devil is living entirely in his subconscious mind, and although he may think he is consciously in control, he is gaining his sensations from the woman. He is using her solely for his pleasure. He is being incited by the devil who is holding a torch of the Mars vibration near his sexual centre to arouse his sexual desires. We can tell that this is the meaning because it does not light up the background; only the two figures in the front.

There would be no light at all if it were not for the torch inflaming the man’s desire. In this instance it is better to have coarse desire than no desire at all. Desire is the impetus used to push man forward. Sensation is only a quality in matter and it is the pull of sensation and its reflex in consciousness, desire, which produces rebirth. The black background in this instance means ignorance. By pandering to his sexual desires, the man has not only malformed himself but the female as well, as we can see by the body shapes. As he uses her to build himself up, he actually depletes her and we can see this in the way her face is turned away from his. She does not submit willingly.

Yet we must go through this stage to realize what we must not do. The half cube on which the devil sits is black indicating half knowledge or ignorance. A cube usually represents the physical world and the influence of the four elements. So, we have here a little knowledge, but knowledge in its darkest or earthy form, and ignorance of the higher spheres. Progress is the result of learning to overcome our limitations or obstacles that are set on our path, and there is no other power that can show us how to do this, but the power of the so-called devil. We cannot have positive desires until we learn by sore experience, that negative desires bring pain. We are the arena for the interplay of those two forces, and it is by learning to transmute evil into its opposite pole that we evolve. A great deal of humanity has not yet moved out of the Temple of Ignorance into the Temple of Learning, but each one who does, also helps his fellow man, and so the progress of humanity is assured. When one moves out of the Temple of Learning, one will then move onto the Temple of Wisdom.

As there can be no day without night, so can there be no good without evil, no yang without yin. No person has ever found God without first finding the devil. Sin is just separation from one’s Source. We all have to learn the right way by going the wrong way. We need to find some way to overcome the many obstacles that confront us. We learn through the bitter experience of trial and error. Only this painful perception can set our feet on the Pathway to Self Mastery.

I have given part explanation only of this pictograph on the THE DEVIL tarot trump to inform those who are sincerely searching for knowledge that there is much more to the tarot than meets the eye. This is the truth about the devil.

What are Archetypes?

Projecting our inner world onto our outer environment is not something we do consciously. This is simply the way the subconscious functions. This projection happens so continuously and unconsciously that we are usually totally unaware of the process even taking place. These projections, however, are useful tools in gaining self-knowledge for as we become aware of what is happening, we begin to know who we are. There are major streams of energy that flow through each human being depending on the faceted configuration used for each incarnation. These streams are pure energy patterns or archetypal energy, but they become distorted by daily living and begin to colour the projection of energy in a specific manner

Down through the millennia, these projections began to assume personalities until in more modern times we began to know them as archetypes. These archetypes function in the subconscious in much the same way as instincts function in the conscious.

Although the specific form of these archetypes may vary from culture to culture and even from person to person, their basic character remains the same because they are based on the seven universal principles that have initiated our local universe. These seven principles have diversified into many forms and many archetypal images. The most commonly known archetypal images that we are familiar with are the 12 signs of the Zodiac, the 22 Tarot Trumps with their analogies to the 22 Hebrew Letters, the Egyptian gods and goddesses, the Roman gods and goddesses and the Greek gods and goddesses.

Sometime in the futureI may list a summary of some of the different guises that the seven principles of our local universe have donned over the years. They have never been embodied, but they have never left us. Their influence today is as strong as ever it was in the past. They exist in subtlety in the collective unconsciousness of humanity but their influence continues to come through the various nations and ultimately the personality types.

These archetypes that are expressed through astrology, the tarot, the Greek, Egyptian and Roman gods and goddesses are not of course, these beings, they merely represent the fact that these universal principles are known about through many different cultures.

What Are Chakras?

canstockphoto8817732The human body is a marvellous vehicle for housing many subtle bodies. Some of these subtle bodies contain chakras or force centres, which can also be felt in the physical body, but only observed in certain subtle bodies. The easiest subtle body to observe the chakra system is in the etheric body as it overlaps into the astral body. In the physical body we can feel the pulse of the chakra system in the spine, and other locations of the chakras.

Special centres from where groups of sensory motor nerves arise are situated in the spinal column. The energy from these nerves pervades the entire body to rejuvenate it with the vital life force. The nerve centres are connected with seven centres of vital energy in the body called force centres or chakras. Some modern writers have identified the subtle spinal channels of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna as the spinal cord with the sympathetic nerve chains, and the chakras or force centres as the nerve centres or plexi of the body.

This is not quite correct, as these structures are not perceived without special meditation techniques, neither can their activity be equated with their physical structure. It is rather like the filaments of an electric light bulb that uses a material wire circuit, but the bulb does not light up until the electricity flows through it.

When the luminescent current of the vital life force flows through the nerve centres of the body, in association with the endocrine glands, they become luminous to the subtle sight, and shine with exquisite, colours that adopt a circular shape. Most illustrations of these force centres in the body are shown depicted in symbolical pictorial shapes such as spheres, vortices and wheels. They do, in fact, resemble these actual shapes, but since they are not physical objects, it is not possible to give a standard, exact description. Many people describe these chakras in different ways for this very reason.


Fun Yoga Clothes For Trendy Women

canstockphoto6276445If you are a trendy woman, perhaps the thought of getting into some yoga wear or sportswear for your workout or yoga class makes you cringe. But maybe that’s because you’ve been buying all your yoga clothes from a standard athletic shop. Here are some tips to help you find those fun, trendy yoga clothes that you really want.

When searching for yoga wear, don’t simply use terms like top, shirt, pants, etc. Try more unusual words like bra top, wrap, cover up, tank, and so on. Use terms that suggest clothing items you would want to wear, not your idea of what people usually do wear for yoga.

You can also get a wider variety of choices by using colours as search terms. Maybe you want a pink strappy bra top, a purple wrap, or a light grey cover up? Or you can look for patterned clothing like striped shirts, tops with insignia and pictures on them, or clothing items with special features such as bows, straps, and belts.

Trendy Plus Size Clothing for Women

Purchase clothes that are not only comfortable but will also make you look good. It always seems like the variety is poor, the material is stretchy, but not the most appealing. This article offers tips on how to choose the right plus size clothing for women, particularly for those those who are embarrassed about buying them from brick and mortar stores. Every person has a certain complexion and individual characteristics. Ratio in the figure of a person of such parameters as weight, height, width of shoulders and thighs, make it unique and unrepeatable.

Online Shopping Is Fun As Well As Satisfying

For females from all across the globe who are looking forward to give themselves an awe inspiring face lift, indulging in women’s clothing online shopping associated with the latest trends in fashion industry will go a long way. If you’re looking forward to shop for new clothing, garments or fashion accessories, then the best place to search is undoubtedly the World Wide Web’s Ecommerce Market Place.

Your Connection to the Divine

Waves of energy are passing through our solar system altering the course of all life. We can be aware of this occurrence through the avenue of our connection with our Higher Self. Everything is being lifted into a higher state of vibration and we can see this happening on our planet in many different areas. There has been a tremendous increase in knowledge since the end of the last world war, and it is increasing, almost doubling itself every couple of years. Many are feeling the effects of this higher vibration of light by receiving more insights, having more frequent telepathic experiences, and feeling a deeper need to know their function or life purpose and put it into action. This time has been foretold in our sacred writings.

The upheavals that are being experienced were likened to a woman travailing in birth. The planet is experiencing the birth pangs of a new age, and similar to a woman about to give birth, the process is a painful one. This symbology is also expressed in the archetypal symbol of The Empress in the Tarot deck.  If you read the Scripture reference in Revelation 12 you will understand the symbology of the card . . .

“And there appeared a great wonder in the heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered . . . “

The symbology here alludes to the World Mother, the Cosmic Feminine Principle that is always travailing in birth, always trying to bring forth the highest from man . . . the birthing of the Christ Consciousness. The crown of 12 stars alludes to the 12 powers associated with the 7 major force centres, and the 5 new centres, that will be used in the new age. There is also an influence through the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Depending upon the spiritual maturity of man, these upheavals need not occur. They are basically symbolical of the internal changes that may happen as the emotions, thoughts and attitudes of the personality are cleared to allow the higher vibrations to enter. The way to make this transformation easier is to remember your connection to the Divine.

The beginning of a new body of light is being built around the heart area. This is occurring because you are beginning to open the heart centre, and allow more kindness and compassion into your life. Those who experience congestion on the chest or unexplained heart flutterings are merely having difficulties accepting the higher frequencies, and will need to look at addressing those emotional issues that still cause them pain. Pain or hurt will only be felt if there are still unresolved issues to deal with, otherwise unconditional love for all will be experienced. If you are able to deal with, and clear issues as they come into your consciousness, your transformation will be relatively easy and you will be able to assist others as they feel the impact of the energies of the new cyclic of energies we are moving into.

As the frequencies increase, more and more people will be tuning in to what you are already experiencing. This will produce fear in some people, and some will try to shut off emotionally; many may reject the energy entirely, not willing to change at all. Some may try to deaden the effects of the energy through alcohol or drugs. Some will openly criticize the new ways and some will act with skepticism and doubt.

The energies will impact upon the weakest point in you to try to resolve the disharmony. The vibrations can only be raised once those areas causing the problems are brought back into a state of balance and harmony. The way you react to the increasing vibrations will ultimately affect the rest of humanity. If you can raise your vibrations, it will make it easier for others to raise theirs. And we have this in the words of the Master when he said . . . “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”

As the vibrations increase, you will need to carefully watch your thought processes. It is important to learn to control your thoughts, to think positively, and not give in to the denser energy layers that surround the planet. The work of thought control ought to be given the keenest attention, a fact each one will realize for themselves at a later time. It is no longer a question of having what you want, but of making sure you want what you ask for . . . for you will get it. This is where the benefits of re-establishing your connection to the Divine will become apparent.

Spiritual growth is really a journey of self-discovery. The ancients knew this well as they instructed humanity . . . “Man, know thyself.” As you learn to know and understand yourself, you will correspondingly learn to know and understand the universe. This is why man is known as the microcosm, and the universe as the macrocosm.

Your spiritual journey will give you the tools to make your everyday life work because as you connect your will to the will of your Higher Self through the communion process, you will gain more awareness of the path of humanity’s evolution, and the part you are to play in it. As you energize your force centres, you will draw higher vibrations through from your Higher Self and you will begin to express the higher aspect of the force centres through the physical body. This will begin to lift the veils from your eyes, and your clairvoyance will gradually increase in proportion to the effort you are willing to put into the process. This will also have a corresponding effect upon the clairaudient faculty and you will find your inner guidance becoming clearer in proportion to the time you are willing to spend listening to it.

As you begin to connect more fully with the Divine, you will find that your Higher Self will work with your personality, assisting it to develop self-confidence, courage, self-love, mental clarity and emotional equilibrium as well as many other important qualities. This helps to develop the amount of radiance your being is capable of emitting. As you grow and develop different qualities, you may find yourself attracted to different processes or a different partner. Many relationships that are not in harmony will simply dissolve as the energies of the higher light frequencies impact upon the heart centre.

As you are a unique human being, trust your Higher Self to guide you to the experiences or processes that are most appropriate for you. Do not be tempted to look for phenomena as a gauge of your spiritual growth. Phenomena, if they happen at all, are merely side effects of walking a spiritual path. Many highly evolved souls do not demonstrate superhuman abilities, nor have any memories of past lives etc. If they are involved in some sort of service to humanity, their work acts as their meditation and provides a unique opportunity for spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth is the process of living in constant communication with the Divine to the degree that you can express qualities of your Higher Self whilst still on the physical plane. How does your Higher Self communicate with you? Initially, it talks to you through your intuition and feelings. It also communicates by sending you opportunities, coincidences and synchronicity, in the forms of people, events, books or anything else that will give you the messages you need to hear. If you learn to listen, you will experience expansions of your consciousness. If you do not listen, life will be painful until you do. It is now time to act; to procrastinate is folly. Remember your connection to the Divine!

The Power Within

There are millions of human beings on the planet today who are poverty stricken, illiterate, suffering from disease or severe illness, or who endure untold other problems. It is a struggle for these people to survive in an atmosphere of dejection and despondency. Life to them is a burden; it is far from being peaceful or even pleasant. Many of those who suffer seem to be caught an inescapable trap. They are convinced that there is nothing they can do, as they are victims of circumstances not of their own creation. It is sad that these people never expect the situation to change and are reconciled to a continuing life of sorrow, illness and unhappiness.

Sometimes some of them turn to those who apparently seem to have been blessed as richly as they have been cursed malevolently. They often assume that those who enjoy the richness of life acquired it in the same accidental manner as they inherited their life of abject misery.

If they have any strength about them, they will use the deprivation and suffering to stir an emotional spark within them; sometimes anger, sometimes frustration. But unfortunately this usually emerges as a negative reaction. While the self-generated force is good in a way, it is still negative and not what is needed; it would be better applied as a positive force in the form of determination or assertiveness. All too often this new-found energy is wasted in rebellion against “the haves” and the government is often blamed also for their short comings. Sometimes this results in a rebellion that has for its prime goal, destruction. And this can be destruction of the only present source of relief available to them. So they perpetuate a vicious circle that they cannot break out of.

Why would they want everyone reduced to one level, the level of total suffering and total misery? In what way could such a victory help those now suffering and rebelling? It is hard to fathom the reasoning.


Whether we like to admit it or not all human beings are created equal in the sense that they arrive on this earth with only their body and they depart from it in the same way. During the interlude on the earth plane phase of their existence, they have the same struggle for survival, the same basic body to train and develop, the same brain to think and reason. So what is the difference? Why doesn’t each one have the same opportunities, the same good health, the same type of loving family, the same career opportunities?

Basically one’s journey through the earth plane relies on the Law of Karma. Briefly, this law holds that the Source of all being has made life eternal and has ordained that the human, the ultimate projection from the Godhead, shall earn and bestow his own rewards and punishments or adjustments, not only within the span of a lifetime, but more justly from one lifetime to another until perfection has been attained through the process of reincarnation.

In this manner, the Logos in its infinite wisdom does not favor one and punish another, like a stern but emotional father, but rather permits each human to compensate for his own errors. Thus one who cruelly oppresses others in one

lifetime may suffer the same oppression in another lifetime to balance out the energies and provide a source of rich learning at the same time. Mostly humans do not recall their past lives, as the burden would be often too great to bear, so they start off afresh each lifetime, and are born into the exact circumstances that are needed to provide the most opportunity for soul growth. Humans have simply observed and recorded that “man grows through suffering.” However, this Law of Karma is little understood and it would take many volumes to go into detail of all the variations, which is impossible to do in this short article.

However it is important to remember that the law also works in the opposite direction, good works prepare the person for good rewards! The Law of karma is really the balancing of the energies.

So what about those who do not seem to suffer the same degree of suffering and misfortune as the majority? What is their secret? What do these people have? They have tapped into the power within and have realized their full potential for this lifetime.

What is the power within? It is the creative spark of the Creator, our ultimate source, implanted in the fetus when the mother says her baby is quickening. The spark projects forward an emotional/mental body and it is here at the deepest level of this structure, that the facets containing the reincarnating principles are contained; facets relating to the primeval urges of self-preservation and reproduction. Other facets relate to the autonomic nervous system; some relate to the brain centres and the organs while other relate to the type of personality needed for this incarnation. All this goes in conjunction with the information contained within the chakra system.

So it is the realization and recognition of that power within that makes the difference in individual personalities. With the use of that power man can change his life and his world in accordance with his ability to desire to dream and to imagine.

The use of the power within is not dependent upon man’s environment or education. We could say that man’s environment and education are results of the power within! What is contained within is expressed without.

The mechanics of applying the power within are first the awareness of its presence as the divine spark within; the spark of Creative Source. This awareness allows us to depend upon ourselves and not have to depend entirely upon others, but that we have the power within our own being to change ourselves and our circumstances. We have been given a creative imagination to be able to do this and to attract what we desire into our lives to make for a fulfilling incarnation. One does not have to be rich to use the creative imagination—anyone can do this—in fact most do it and call it daydreaming, but most don’t use it scientifically to achieve results.

If you want to bring it into manifestation then you have to work hard to do so. Mother nature has provided a brain and the creative imagination as tools for you to use while on the earth plane, and the know how to do this but she does not provide the money to bring it about—this is where you keep visualizing and work hard to bring it into manifestation. So learn to use your God given power within and it will provide the increasing inspiration to do even more, “success breeds success.” But anyone can start with modest goals!

Of course there may not seem to be opportunities for the most underprivileged, but even they can begin with little goals and succeed because everyone has this power within and the power works for all. From little successes they can move on to larger goals, and from that to even great and famous goals. This is the history of humanity! Once upon a time, all men were underprivileged and suffering by today’s standards; how did we ever get by without our computers, iphones and TVs, even our fridges and washing machines? Except for some who used the power within to create these things for us, we would still be living in caves.

What is this power within? Your gift to achieve whatever it is you are supposed to do this lifetime. Don’t misuse it for frivolous things—but connect with your Higher Self and discover whatever it is you were put here on this planet to achieve. Use the power within!

Hands on Healing

In ancient times, the custom of hands on healing was widespread. This ancient healing practice is referred to frequently in Christian literature; it is recorded that even the Master Jesus often laid his hands on people before healing them. So healers, whether they come from an ancient era or more modern times, use the same technique of connecting to their source, in whatever manner they may refer to this divine essence. Jesus referred to it as Father. People living in more modern times refer to it as the Higher Self, the Master Within, or other names.

Science has found that it actually predates the Christian era as it is found depicted in illustrations, paintings and carvings on the walls of the ruins of ancient Egypt. If you look at the Egyptian pictures, you will always find the person with two hands over the head or body part of another. To the Egyptian high priests, the divine essence of the gods was thought to be imparted through the hands to those who knelt before them. You will often see the ritual of the laying on of hands also used in conferring kingship. Utilization of the vital energies of the body through this ancient procedure has been perpetuated since Egyptian times, and probably even before that. Many remarkable cures have been reported by individuals who have shown a particular disposition in this regard.

We all know that touching ‘where it hurts’ helps to heal the pain and we see this quite often when a child hurts its knee and runs to its mother for comfort. The mother touches and kisses the knee better and a minute later the child is happily running around as if there were nothing wrong.

In adults, the healers hands must come into contact with the body of the sick person, the sick animal or the sick plant. The sick area of the body, always feels tense, rigid, taut, stiff, tight and resistant to the healers touch. Those on whom you are using laying on of hand healing should keep their eyes closed till they no longer feel pain and discomfort, in that part of their bodies. This gives the energies the chance to dispel the blockage or congested energy in the aura or other part of the body.

As previously mentioned, a similar effect can also be achieved on animals and plant life. Some university scientists have conducted a series of experiments that indicated a significant increase in the growth rate of certain seeds when healers held their hands over the seedlings for a period of several minutes. Further experiments have reportedly compared the growth rate of untreated seeds with those treated and held by three persons suffering from a variety of mental disorders or psychological problems, and with seeds treated and held by a normal healthy individual. After much experimentation, subsequent statistical analysis showed that the seeds that were treated and held by a normal person produced significantly more and taller seedlings than were produced in the other groups.

Because of scientific skepticism it has yet to be established in scientific establishments whether the increased growth rate was the result of magnetic energy flowing through the hands or whether it was the result of a parapsychological faculty, or telekinetic effect, on plant growth. It probably will be determined that the latest laboratory techniques of the twentieth century have only confirmed what was commonly understood and applied in past ages.

None-the-less, healers know that the energy flows through them from a higher source; it does not come from the healer’s body—it come s through the healer. This is why healing does not deplete a person applying hands on healing.