Elven Magician Spirit Doll

photo10-4This spirit doll is the vessel for an Elven magicians spirit. In Icelandic legends, Elven Spirits are the allies of human beings and they act as a gateway to the magical forests through which pathways run that lead human beings to the hidden world. Elvens are the very essence of the magical link that binds our human dimension with the world of the Hulderfolk—the hidden folk of the cold north European lands where legend and myth have merged in a richly woven tapestry to create a magical universe that each of us and the Hulderfolk can wander in and out of at will—respectfully, peacefully and with true meaning.

This Elven spirit is a powerful magician; he is young and kind and handsome and he will allow you to explore the mysterious Elven world and share their special knowledge and magical skills. He will also protect you as you learn and he will guard you and bring happiness into your life for he is a magician Prince and he is charged and entrusted with the task of guiding you into the magic world and guarding you and defending your honour, and his mission is to bring magical knowledge into your life.IMG

The Prince’s name will be given to the person he is to work with. How to move into an altered state of consciousness and connect with this being will be explained to the person who wants to work with him. This powerful Elven Spirit uses the spirit doll and the ring as a portal to connect with you so that you can take him with you when you travel or go about your daily business or simply when you meditate and wish to access the different level of consciousness. You can also meditate on his fluorite octahedron or wear it to keep your connection with him strong.

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