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Welcome to the College of Esoteric Education the home of meditation education, a place where you will learn more about yourself and your relationship with the world around you. A place that teaches the deeper truths pertaining to the spiritual makeup of humanity, and lead our students through structured and instructed meditations and journeys that culminate in the soul merge. We do hope you feel at home as you explore our site and it’s free content and please remember to visit our other home on the App Store to check out our great range of metaphysical publications and meditation resources.


It is our belief that our services and products enrich people’s lives, enhance their relationships, and promote soul growth. Are you looking for the real meaning of life? Have you ever wondered what happens after death? Did you know that a dependable companion rides life’s highways and byways with you? Do you realize that this higher self attracts the people you need in your life—the ones who interests are similar to yours? What is the consciousness by which you become aware of yourself and the world around you? Where does it come from? Surely not the brain, as it continues on after the process called death. What are the psychic faculties that cause a feeling of right and wrong? Where do these come from? Can you make contact with your higher self? All these questions can be answered as you study through the College of Esoteric Education.

Do you feel lost when it comes to coping with the complex problems affecting our planet? Would you like to rise above the turmoil of modern existence and discover the secrets of a full and successful life? The College of Esoteric Education offers you the wisdom of the ages and a challenge to explore and awaken the hidden secrets of your mind. You are not ruled by fate, but an individual who can intelligently regulate your own destiny. Whatever role you play in life, office worker, truck driver, teacher, clerk, your life isn’t going to be the same over the next ten years. Millions are crying out for a change, but few are ready for it. Avoid the inevitable confusion—let the College of Esoteric Education show you how to devel;op your intuitive powers, your unsuspected talents, into new, useful abilities that you can use in your daily life.

The values of life lie within your own mind—good, bad, confusion, contentment, order, and thousands of other aspects of your daily existence are not realities; they are just reflections of your opinions. When you were a child, you played with childish things. Now you are different. What changed? It was your mental attitude. If life does not hold for you what you want, you need to look at things differently whereby you can appraise things from a different level of consciousness. How to reach these different levels of consciousness is taught through the Sirian Mystery School aspect of the College.

Can you see beyond today? Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. What you did yesterday affects what will happen tomorrow. Those who wait for today’s events to give them the cue about what to do often find themselves lagging behind. The present is merely a pedestal for progressive men and women to see beyond.

Learn to live in the eternal now!


Is there intelligent life beyond Earth? Can you tap into it? What strange Cosmic Power influences humans? In the infinite space beyond Earth tenanted by vast and magnificent worlds are cosmic forces that influence the life of every human being. An invisible, subtle energy affects the thought processes of all people; some respond positively to this influence and begin to seek the deeper mysteries of the universe. Learn to tap into the energy of these mighty cosmic forces, especially those from the Star System of Sirius through the Sirian Mystary School.

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